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Our Services


Design & Reverse Engineering

RF, Digital, Highspeed, timing, etc.  If you can name it, we have done it.
We can also reverse engineer products for clients that have lost their original files and documentation.


Schematic Capture

We’ll capture your project from hand drawn sketches to CAD data.  We will also integrate all Parts List information into the schematic.  We also specialize in converting schematics into Altium or Orcad.


Layout Engineering

Everything from Single Layer, to Mutlilayer with Blind/Buried vias, to Rigid Flex designs.  Whatever your project requires, we have you covered.  We design your projects in Cadence Allegro and Altium giving you flexibility with your designs.



Drafting of Mechanical or Electromechanical detail drawings including fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, cable drawings, etc.



We offer fabrication prototype and production. Because of our high volume work with our affiliates, we offer very competitive prices.



Full turn-key services including assembly, functional testing of boards, parts list availability check, etc.


At ADS we strive to be efficient and thorough with our process.

ads website estimates process.jpg


We understand the design process is sometimes in a constant state of change. Designs under constant development coupled with tight scheduling is one of our specialties. Providing as much information as possible in the early stage will help secure an accurate quote. Some of the items we look for when quoting are Schematics, BOM (Parts List), Mechanical drawings or requirements, Statement of work, and testability requirements ICT

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Once we receive your schematics we will link our footprints from our extensive library to your schematic. For any components that are not in our library we will create them at this point. Early schematic errors are caught at this point. We do offer the optional additional step and link 3d models with the library footprint. This extra step allows 3-dimensional views of the board once the placement is complete.

ads website placement.jpg


During the placement phase we gather all your mechanical requirements and place the components accordingly. We'll address any height restrictions, board thickness, fixed component locations, connector orientations, etc in this phase.

ads website routing.png


Once the placement has been approved we will begin the routing phase. All boards are routed by hand to ensure the cleanest most efficient routes. We do have experience with our Autorouters and we will use them on request. It is our experience that no router can compete to that extra layer of attention that 20+ years of experience designing gives.

Image by Harrison Broadbent

Post Route Cleanup

In this phase the board goes through a one over to clean silkscreen, move reference designators off pads, check mask clearances, handle fabrication and assembly documentation

Image by Sandip Kalal


Once completed, ADS will either email or ship the completed designs to you.

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